A remarkably authentic slice of Asia with a twist

If you are a resident, a tourist, a student or you’re visiting Oxford, then you have to come over to TOI in Horspath. This hidden gem has a retro lounge, contemporary in parts as well as a traditional pub with an open fire place and altogether, it’s cool in here. Dress code is as you wish. If you like the 60's retro vibe, feel free to dress as extravagantly as you like in the lounge if you dare.

The atmosphere here brings back a nostalgic style which has been modernised with the love of Poetry and Spoken Word we host Open Mic Nights bringing vocalists to poets and the selection of artist’s are full of talent. Listen to some of the works of some of the great Poets and Spoken Word people. Ranging from Students, locals and beyond, we play a wide range of styles. We also recite the works of some of the great Poets around today.